Yoga pants SA Bordesign denim look

Harem Pants Cape Town Pinelands

Hi all,

Bordesign harem pants in Cape Town now available in Pinelands too. I moved to a bigger workshop and have more space now to create my EurAfrican fusion design ideas.

Since it is a new life for my family in a new quarter of Cape Town, Bordesign harem pants also got a new blow into the style. Now I present you with these beauties… Hope you like them, and will give me feedback on my Facebook BordesignCT page. Found some men harem pants solutions for my husband, but this will not be my mainstream product range. The woman harem pants in Cape Town made by me match the demand, and in the upcoming year, I will not have capacity to go into the male product range. Please let me know if you would like to see more of these Yoga pants or Aladdin pants for woman – or the other gender…

Yoga pants SA Bordesign denim look

Harem pants CPT Bordesign denim style wow

Harem pants SA Bordesign denim look

Harem pants CPT Bordesign denim style wow

The Aladdin or Yoga pants, work as other alternative names for harem style pants. The length and width, flexibility and level of comfort in wearing them might vary on a huge scale. I am trying to make some practical changes on them, based on my own experiences. My philosophy is to wear things you like or love, since everything else will influence your mood. Uncomfortable things make you behave differently, so at the end you are loosing a part of yourself and sacrifices on the altar of fashion not always do you good.

Yoga pants SA Bordesign denim look perfect

Aladdin pants CPT Bordesign denim style

Yoga pants SA Bordesign denim look comfy

Aladdin pants CPT Bordesign denim style look great

All the things that make the clothing hard to wear, are not my friends. For crazier designs, some pieces for younger age groups may contain useless, but original looking parts. This changes if getting into parents life – you do not want kids to hang on your shiny additions of your top /or tearing them all off one by one/. Since a mother of two, I find it very handy to have big pockets on them if going out with kids. Mobile, tissues, keys are to be placed somewhere if both hands hold the most precious person in your life. If it is hot summer and no need to carry kids, this light orange material is the best to wear as Yoga pant.

Harem pants SA Bordesign orange glow

Harem pants SA Bordesign orange are ultra light

Harem pants SA Bordesign orange

Harem pants SA Bordesign orange are ultra light

For more formal meetings, there is still an option to wear Aladdin pants with plain colors, no colorful pockets or patterns. The range of colors is endless, and the older generation is preferring the less colorfulness. Also these harem pants can be stylish, still can emit a denim feeling, and good to wear for colder days too.

Aladdin pants SA Bordesign denim look

Aladdin pants CPT Bordesign plain denim style look great too

Aladdin pants SA Bordesign plain denim

Harem pants CPT Bordesign plain denim style look great too

Only one of these above I have right now, so anything created later on, will be slightly different in pocket pattern or basic fabric. I am trying to do my best with the original EurAfrican fusion design, and my work is well accepted. You can be sure, no one will wear the same pieces on the streets of the world…

Some of my clients are ordering my artisan creations from Europe, USA and Australia, and they are very satisfied with the quality too. These are long lasting fabrics chosen by me personally. Since I am also a Light Industry Engineer, have good knowledge on the quality of the fabrics too. That is important also to know, how the material behaves with wearing.

Most of the Bordesign products go through my quality testing procedure first – it means I wash and examine the fabric before make the clothing of it. Please check out my creative products range in Durbanville at NurtureZone or more central in Cape Town Pinelands:

Bordesign Cape Town Products

Bordesign Cape Town Products can be found here

Cape CoLab
St Stephens Road, Pinelands
at the Old Police Station

See you soon in Cape Town in my harem pants…


Capri legging blue zoom

Designer Leggings

Capri leggings with some designer touch

Capri leggings are the stretch under-knee or longer pants, may be worn alone or together with other clothing. Expand your wardrobe with some unique designer leggings! Use them in colder weather under the lovely Bordesign Aladdin pants. These are also called as yoga pants if used for gymnastics, stretching or dancing, and the capri extention makes them multi function. If warmed up, throw the harem pants off, and continue in a totally (or slightly) different legging.

Capri legging red circlesCapri legging new vaweCapri legging go granny


Capri legging blue zoomCapri legging blackCapri legging red cycklist

One of the best things I love about Capri leggings is, that you can wear them as warmer leggings under your usual clothes. Unseen, and covered by Aladdin pants. But in a second you can change the outfit… Remove the warm part, if you feel hot, but take the harem pants off and leave the underknee length stretch pants on, if you are to run, cycle or walk the dog. Although some sports like running and cycling, require more tight sportswear, the story is not over with them.

Capri pants looking good on you with a shorter dress – at work, at lunchtime, when meeting your friends, and also comfortable in the afternoon activities, or when having a weekend dance party.
These pieces of Cape Town Bordesign fusion creations, are the best choice you can make for fast changing weather conditions. They look nice with a dress to the knee, on a bicycle or doing other sports. Gives you also the freedom of mixing ideas – the brave ones should give it a try with short jeans!

Oh by the way, they are also available in smaller sizes too (the given price for 2016 is for 6 years old to adults L size). I make kids Capri pants for 2 years old roo and up to extra sizes too (XXXL). Do not hesitate to throw me a mail with your question on the actual price of the size you need: Contact me here:

Rainbow harem pants kids

Harem pants in Cape Town

Cape Town designer pants for woman

To get in Cape Town affordable high quality pants is quite a mission. Not mentioning the designer clothing at all, which makes it extremely costly, if runs through many distributor hands… Imagine, all the retail levels and the wholesaler disappears from the distributor chain, and you get access straight to the producer. This happens, when a crafted good from the designer comes straight from the area you live in.  Not only you get the goods categories cheaper, but you can also soft tune them by unique ordering… MAKE IT YOUR CAPE TOWN STYLE HAREM PANTS!

Unique harem pants in Cape Town from designer

Get unique harem pants, through contacting the European designer in mother city, and telling her your preferences. There is a way to have the one and only designer harem pants on the world, just for yourself… The pictures below are all showing one piece creations, so no one else will wear them in the whole world! And for some of you, that is what makes them really precious.

Designer harem pants for ladies, children or man, with a little bit of acumen!

All size harem pants in Cape Town

If you want to get harem pants in Cape Town, the quality product source is Bordesign. On this site you can reach the Hungarian creator and designer and various clothing items… But the most adored and favourite comfortable wear of the manufacturer is: harem styled trousers. Short for summer beach or braai happenings, and long harem pants for colder winter days (stockings hidden).

Check out these harem pants patterns and colors:

Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign short bluered Harem pants kids Cape Town by Bordesign bluered

Short and long, adult or kids harem pants, blue or red, all are set unique, and low price!

Harem pants pattern by Bordesign Short black Harem pants pattern by Bordesign long black

Long black harem pants in Cape Town, come handy in winter too, but summer is for shorts.

Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign stripes Short Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign kids

More patterns for harem pants come every month, so visit BordesignCT on Facebook.

Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign soft color Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign strong color

Softer color and strong color harem pants – make them universal wear for everywhere!

Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign stripe color Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign grey Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign mandala

From the smallest to the oldest, comfy pants in harem style – Turkish loved it…

Long Harem pants Cape Town by Bordesign different

To get any of these or same styled harem pants in (or from) Cape Town, all you have to do is make a contact to the designer herself.

You need to send your actual size to get harem pants (length, waist) and the style required (send back image or refer to it). This way you it make them: cheap pants in Cape Town! No middle agents, no extra costs, no wholesale and no retail margin! Since delivery fee is not included, you can pick up all goods yourself in Cape Town Gardens/Vredehoek area.

Harem pants pattern

To get the total freedom feeling, you get to dressed as light and  comfy as possible. The air must go through the fabrics, and the colors must match your personality. But that is not the only thing you need to be conscious of. In case your mood changes, you may want to get it expressed by your outfit too… During the day, as the weather changes and your mood too, even the temperature may require it, or just for fun: GET A NEW HAREM PANTS PATTERN!

Here comes into the picture, a whole range of harem pants patterns. You may always wear unique designer harem pants in any life situations in the warmer climate regions. Official meeting are no exceptions to a beach walk, you can choose a different styled harem pants.

designer harem pants woman longdesigner harem pants woman sharp

Usually you wear pants or trousers to cover your legs. Additionally, a harem pants pattern may look like a skirt, or even like horse riding trousers. All depends on You to decide the wear style and the purpose.

In case you do yoga, you want to have them extremely comfortable and colorful. Yoga harem pants design is just a little bit different, than the other harem trousers styles. It offers more hippie flash by the soft and comfortable mandala style harem pants pattern or with the colors of the rainbow. Wonder why kids favorite are these…

Rainbow harem pants kids

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