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Bordesign - crafted with hand and hart in Cape TownThe Bordesign.org website was created with the purpose of presenting different new ideas a European designer or craftsmen – even a cook – can get being in South Africa. Just one colorful bird with its amazing singing, may change the leafless forest into a natural concert hall.

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference…”

Probably this is one of the simplest ways we can describe a successful designer – it has to be a natural with born talent to absorb the surrounding environment, touch it with a slight note, that makes the fabulous change in it.

All the knowledge and experience gathered in Central Europe, takes a twist with an African touch – the designer living in Cape Town blossoms with ideas of new creations. The creations presented here may be familiar to African and European people too, but they are actually a European and African fusion of different cultures from opposite hemispheres. For many people, still this faraway-from-Europe city is the most European part of the whole African continent.


Bordesign Capitol Cape Town

Cape Town has an extraordinary way of getting under people’s skin. What makes this city so spectacular is its potent blend of natural beauty, diverse heritage, urban edginess and its contagious creative atmosphere – from craft stalls, designer boutiques, fashion and food, to more serious design such as infrastructural systems and low-cost housing programs.” (source: www.capetown.travel)

On Cape Town’s calendar 2014 was a big year from many reasons; the country celebrated 20 years of democracy and the city also showcased Cape Town’s design talents to the rest of the world – and on a smaller scale a Hungarian designer also started a new life here. World Design Capital 2014 marked the starting point of a longer journey as Cape Town commits to a focus on design-led transformation through the World Design Capital motto; “Live Design, Transform Life”. There are very few expats from Hungary, but for Ildikó – who “Lives for Design” the year of 2014 was a true life transformation…

The European Designer Herself

The small introduction of this website continues with lines addressed from the Hungarian designer herself straight to the first time visitors and the to-be regular readers. Bering a new Capetonian inhabitant from the year of 2013, she still writes with words emitting optimism and excitement, as South Africa hit her with extremely colorful diversity:

Hungarian dress designer in Cape Town Behind the fancy name of Bordesign, I worship my favorite pastime of creating clothes, sewing and crocheting but – as a mother of two wonderful girls – I am also obsessed by healthy cooking. I have a degree as a “light industry engineer” – which is a disappearing profession in Hungary, as my former school has been also merged  to Budapest Polytechnic -, and learned my skills of leather clothes and accessories designing not only through theory, but practical classes, and I consider it to be my hobby too.

The love for cooking came from the vegetarian lifestyle and also family habits. After my school years I traveled a bit in Europe, and gained new vegetarian food recipes through travel experiences – and the latest challenge was the must of preparing healthy baby food. Now I create many traditional European dishes with an African taste-twist, and will be happy to hear that you made a huge success with my recipes among your family members. Due to the different ingredients base available in Cape Town – must say, it is amazingly rich, clean and healthy -, there is a whole new world to discover: check out my vegetarian food recipes and Fusion Kitchen Creations (FKC is not KFC).

Being here already some time in this beautiful country and the most astonishing city of the African continent, I had to realise, that there are too many things one can imagine, and very few time to make them all true: I am working every day to make my dreams come true, and very fortunately many of these dreams of mine, match the ones other people have. I recommend my handicraft products for both children and adults. I make crochet hats, custom-designed dresses, skirts and pants, handbags and backpacks… My supplies are constantly expanding: check out my work – if you like it, find me online.

As you can feel in those words, her enthusiasm is more than enough to supply her constantly with work, and some of the readers and visitors of this site with EXTRAORDINARY HANDCRAFTED PRODUCTS.


Unique designer crafted works onlineYou can take a look at the handcrafted products and designer’s creations online uploaded to this site, but also you can meet her on the following locations and dates to see the art in reality, touch it and even try it on – if lucky, she will also have some new dish creations for lunch too. The contact email is bordesign.fusion@gmail.com You can write to her, place an order, or say some grateful words in comments here at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for finding this website, see you soon!