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The things to carry with, sometimes make quite a challenge. Everybody needs a hand free to open a door and lock it after leaving home, and a reversible shopping or beach bag or even a strong sack also comes handy after shopping, or even on weekends to go for a nice pick-nick with family. For the newest bag designs check out the most visited online designers sites, and if you had found a bag online which you love, let us know -a designer in Cape Town is ready to create. She will create a unique South African design for it… it means a European designer recreates the style matching your taste with own fingerprints on it. We call this the European and African fusion. Whether you are running to the gym or staying somewhere overnight, the best gym bags can really make life easier in many ways. They are spacious, comfy and sometimes even fashionable! Some of them last a lot longer than others, but if you want to get a high quality and unique backpack or bag that will last you a lifetime, grabbing the first one off the shelf will probably not work. So if you are in a hunt for one of the best gym bags, start your search here! If you need any changes on them let us know, we put them on with some EurAfrican Fusion.


GYM BAGS backpack style online

Doing sports is a part of the healthy lifestyle, and to get into that shape, you can not only eat regularly healthy food from the Fusion Kitchen Creations this site offers, but also will be able to show off your unique backpack style, thanks to the European designer in Cape Town. Probably you know the feeling of wandering around in shops to find the perfect bag or backpack, but something is always missing in those ones you find… In many cases, finally the need of a new bag forces you to make a compromise, and get something you did not fall in love with on the first sight. To get rid of this feeling, we try to hand you out with some new options of freedom. It is possible to get closer to YOUR DREAM BAG with the designer creations online. May be some EurAfrican Fusion reaction could make it?

The gym bags have a wide range of products, starting from the small textile bags for kids, Reebok traditional seria backpackthrough the branded backpacks to the highest quality leather products. For example this line produced reliable rucksack has practical  pockets, durable fabric, plenty of  storage space and design-conscious detail and also nice colors, but does it satisfies all your needs? Yes, it good for commuters, just bung your fitness gear on your back, and do not even pay attention to the person wearing exactly the same brand, even matching your rucksack in colors

Original design online rucksack Cape Town style backpackBut may be, you should pay attention and be careful not to mix them with someone else’s not unique backpack, what if you take home someone else’s used wet gym dress??? Your first thought will be probably to get back your stuff, but shall you wash the other persons clothes just in case you get back your clothes also clean?

Now to avoid these kind of uncomfortable situations, all you need is to have a TOTALLY UNIQUE BACKPACK. Order an original bag with your own preferences, your own taste shaped, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, all designed in Cape Town !


Reversible shopping bag from the online designer

Reversible Shopping bags Cape Town designerLeaving work, some of the family members have a duty to supply others during the weekdays with some fresh fruits and bakery products. As all the eco-conscious persons in the world try not to use plastic in every way and they really do avoid polluting by refusing the plastic bags offered at the tills – you should also have a practical and fancy reversible beach bag, which comes handy when shopping after work, and also makes you shine with colors and style. Since this beach bag is reversible has two sides to choose from… Takes a very small space if rolled into your official or business looking bag, but big enough to swallow it after work, and change your style to a summer sun downer. Strong enough to hold 4-5 kg of shopping, easy to clean in washing machines, and also durable. You can order different colors matching your wardrobe, so no more running through the malls to hunt for a reversible shopping bag exactly the same color your last birthday present was from your fiance. Let the colorful touch from the European designer arrive into your every-days.Cape_Town_designer_online_reversible_handbag_shopping bag_kids_05

And your kids will love it too… the  stylish travel boxes and suitcases made of plastic are very handy when travelling long distances, but totally useless on the beach – just imagine a colorful reversible shopping bag or beach bag carried by an angel, and you will smile in the deep of your hart…


Unique designer reversible shopping bags online GREY - BLACK   Unique designer reversible shopping bags online STRIPES - PURPLE   Unique designer reversible shopping bags online FLOWERS - GREEN

Unique designer reversible shopping bags online PURPLE FLOWERS - STRIPES  Unique designer reversible kids shopping bags online KIDS/FLOWERS - GREEN  Unique designer reversible kids shopping bags online KIDS/ORANGE - STRIPES

Unique designer shoulder bags online GOING LOCAL - BROWN  Unique designer backpacks shoulder bags online GOING LOCAL - BROWN Unique designer backpacks online GOING LOCAL - BROWN

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