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Designer Leggings

Capri leggings with some designer touch

Capri leggings are the stretch under-knee or longer pants, may be worn alone or together with other clothing. Expand your wardrobe with some unique designer leggings! Use them in colder weather under the lovely Bordesign Aladdin pants. These are also called as yoga pants if used for gymnastics, stretching or dancing, and the capri extention makes them multi function. If warmed up, throw the harem pants off, and continue in a totally (or slightly) different legging.

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One of the best things I love about Capri leggings is, that you can wear them as warmer leggings under your usual clothes. Unseen, and covered by Aladdin pants. But in a second you can change the outfit… Remove the warm part, if you feel hot, but take the harem pants off and leave the underknee length stretch pants on, if you are to run, cycle or walk the dog. Although some sports like running and cycling, require more tight sportswear, the story is not over with them.

Capri pants looking good on you with a shorter dress – at work, at lunchtime, when meeting your friends, and also comfortable in the afternoon activities, or when having a weekend dance party.
These pieces of Cape Town Bordesign fusion creations, are the best choice you can make for fast changing weather conditions. They look nice with a dress to the knee, on a bicycle or doing other sports. Gives you also the freedom of mixing ideas – the brave ones should give it a try with short jeans!

Oh by the way, they are also available in smaller sizes too (the given price for 2016 is for 6 years old to adults L size). I make kids Capri pants for 2 years old roo and up to extra sizes too (XXXL). Do not hesitate to throw me a mail with your question on the actual price of the size you need: Contact me here: