Harem Pants by Bordesign

Harem pants Bordesign fusion creations

Short harem pants ladies fashion The most comfortable wear of all times? The favorite of the past few hundred years? May be, this is the closest description of the best quality harem pantsBordesign fusion creations always take a step forward. The best performing and most unique fabrics – since the goal is perfection -, are additionally soaked with cultural richness. How is it possible?

Harem pants lady dress

All that influences you during your life, may have reflections on your personality later. A smell in the Eastern Bazaar food tunnel in Cape Town (South Africa), may trigger in feelings experienced on a crowded marketplace in Istanbul (Turkey). The sound of church bells, may remind you of your honeymoon in Europe, and all the rich historical buildings, cobble stones and castles going along with. These were only one smell and one sound from the whole universe – what else can happen?

Harem pants lady gypsy blueWhen a choice is made on a specific type of fabrics by the fashion designer, that also counts heavily in the results. The cutting and shaping of harem pants, adds creating vision, extra value. At the end, instead of becoming a simple Aladdin trousers owner, you may get Scheherazade’s nicest harem pants! You can feel like the legendary queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights… Just try once, and you will feel the difference!

All seasons harem pant available in Cape Town, since weather allows them to wear during the whole year. All you need to decide is which color(s) suits you best, in the given part of the year.  The length and material also may  differ according to your temperature or sun resistance.  Wear them as:

  • Short harem pants for summer heat, beach walks and braai parties, hip to knee cover, shoes not needed.
  • Dress type harem pants, you may lift them up from hip to the height of the armpit – two in one, easy to pack for a trip.
  • Long Aladdin pans are basically for all around year, but for colder days you can put something warmer under them.

How and where to buy harem pants in Cape Town?

These Bordesign fusion creations can be found and bought in Cape Town only. With the extreme diversity of colors, the mother city is the birth giver of rainbow ideas. But do not worry, if you are not from South Africa… there are more and more lucky ones in other parts of the world too, already wearing EurAfrican fusion design products. Some products can be seen in Europe (England, Germany, Hungary, Poland) other went to the USA and Australia. Since these are created, and distributed only to some unique personalities as you, I am glad you are reading this and now considered among them.

The best way to get in contact straight with the designer is to mail her: bordesign.fusion@gmail.com

You can find more images here and fresh ones on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BordesignCT/

Also there are some products available to see and touch or try on, before online ordering at NurtureZone.co.za mall.

Go to this physical address to check Bordesign harem pants in Cape Town, beach bags, leggings, skirts, dresses…

Kids harem pants are lovely!
Harem pants kids of bees

If you thought it is not suitable to wear for kids harem pants, think it over again! The best time they can have, is in the airy and comfy Aladdin pants. Did you know they are also called yoga pants? Since yoga is a sport requiring flexibility,  the harem pants must be strong and comfortable to meet those  requirements.

What more they can do, is to serve flexible and active kids during their adventures. Not only the material is skin friendly, but durable and flexible, fast drying, easy to clean, but most of all, one piece serves for years! As a pair of long Aladdin pants for kids, may last two (or more) years, but  after they get too short, they serve as short harem pants for kids. What a genius move!